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Carmen von Georges Bizet Premiere: 19. Juli 2018 - 21.15 Uhr Oper in vier Akten (1875) Libretto von Henri Meilhac und Ludovic Halévy nach der Novelle von Prosper Mérimée In französischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln



ACT ONE The soldiers on duty in front of a tobacco factory are bored. Sergeant Moralès is pleased when a stranger turns up: Micaëla is looking for the corporal, Don José, who will not, however, be on duty until the changing of the guard. She turns down the offer of Moralès and his companions to keep her company while she waits and goes on her way. When they arrive, the guards are welcomed with great enthusiasm by children. The men are keenly awaiting the midday break in the tobacco factory to see the women who work there come out, particularly Carmen, whom they all fancy. She sings of love as a gypsy child who has never recognised laws of any kind and throws José a flower. José is surprised to see Micaëla, whom he knows, when she returns. She has brought him a kiss from his mother. As his thoughts turn to home, he sees his mother as a form of protection against the demonic Carmen. He learns of his mother’s wish that he should marry Micaëla. In the course of a disturbance in the tobacco factory, Carmen has stabbed a fellow worker. José takes Carmen to Lieutenant Zuniga whose questions she answers by singing. Zuniga orders José to guard Carmen. When he forbids her to speak to him she begins to sing and tempts him with references to Lillas Pastia’s tavern, where she is going to dance. She persuades the besotted José to set her free by means of a trick and escapes before she can be arrested by Zuniga. ACT TWO In Lillas Pastia’s tavern, Carmen, Frasquita, Mercédès and their companions sing as the dance becomes ever more wild. Escamillo, the matador, is greeted enthusiastically and flirts with Carmen, but she brushes him off. Two smugglers, Dancaïre and Remendado, persuade the gipsies to join them in planning their immediate future. Carmen refuses, saying that she has arranged to meet someone, to the amazement of the others, who leave. José approaches Carmen, singing, and in a seductive dance she indicates the rewards she has promised him for allowing her to escape. CARMEN Somewhat intimidated, José wants to obey the call for retreat to the barracks. Carmen rounds on him for his sense of duty. He tells her that he has kept her flower while in prison, where he was sent for allowing her to escape, and tells her he loves her. She dismisses this: if he really loved her he would join her in her new life with the smugglers. Zuniga returns and reprimands her for preferring a simple soldier to him, a lieutenant. He and José fight. Dancaïre and Remendado threaten Zuniga. José, rather reluctantly, follows them into what they all praise as being a free life. ACT THREE Frasquita and Mercédès are reading their fortunes from the cards. Carmen also consults the cards, being given to understand every time that she will die with José. Micaëla is frightened and comes looking for José but hides when Escamillo arrives. José attacks Escamillo when he learns of his flirtation with Carmen. She goes between them and, together with all the others, is invited by Escamillo to his next bull fight in the arena. Micaëla tells José that his mother is dying and convinces him to go with her. With a touch of admonition, he promises Carmen that they will see each other again. ACT FOUR The matadors are greeted by the crowd. Escamillo embraces Carmen before going into his fight. Frasquita and Mercédès warn Carmen that José is lurking around. He begs her to start a new life with him somewhere else. She will not listen and tells him that she no longer loves him. When she wants to leave he stands in her way. She throws down the ring he gave her at his feet. In the same moment that the crowd cheers Escamillo’s victory over the bull, José kills Carmen. Olaf A. Schmitt Translated by Susan Bollinger 21

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